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Application architecture definition togaf

application architecture definition togaf

Note: Architecture stakeholder management is described.
See also.46 Method.
3.55 Platform Service A technical capability required to provide enabling infrastructure that supports the delivery of applications.
Has at least a supporting rationale and a measure of importance.
Deliverables represent the output of projects and those deliverables that are in documentation form will typically be archived dreamweaver 8 serial key at completion of a project, or transitioned into an Architecture Repository as a reference model, standard, or snapshot of the Architecture Landscape at a point in time.Avoiding lock-in to proprietary solutions by standardizing on open methods for Enterprise Architecture.See also.68 Stakeholder and.76 Viewpoint.Diagrams may also be focused on the external access next car game demo softonic to the system, that is on which data the external actors can access.Business Entity : Describes the semantics of the entities in the business, independently of any IS consideration (e.g.Interaction application component : Represents the top level components that manage the interaction with elements outside the.36.2.1 Architecture Building Blocks Architecture documentation and models from the enterprise's Architecture Repository; see Part IV,.It provides a summary of the changes to the enterprise that will accrue from successful deployment of the Target Architecture.We are interested here in modeling the main business entities, their properties and relationships.3.8 Architecture A formal description of a system, or a detailed plan of the system at component level, to guide its implementation (source: ISO/IEC 42010:2007).A Solution Architecture typically applies to a single project or project release, assisting in the translation of requirements into a solution vision, high-level business and/or IT system specifications, and a portfolio of implementation tasks.Phase A: Architecture Vision describes the initial phase of an architecture development cycle.

It contains implementations of the corresponding definitions in the Architecture Continuum.
Applications use data and are supported by multiple technology components but are distinct from the technology components that support the application.
The purpose of the data dissemination diagram is to show the relationship between data entities, business services, and application components.
Content See Part III,.Generally used between business entities or application components.Togaf is an architecture framework - The Open Group Architecture Framework.3.41 Information Technology (IT) The lifecycle management of information and related technology used by an organization.The diagram shows how the logical entities are to be physically realized by application components.The purpose of the data security diagram is to depict which actor ( person, organization, or system ) can access which enterprise data.