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Basal body temperature 35.2

basal body temperature 35.2

To.m., and falling to about.4 C from.m.
Charting of this pattern may be used as a component of fertility awareness.
However, BBTs only show when ovulation has occurred; they do not predict ovulation.Cincinnati, OH: The Couple to Couple League.The BBT of men is comparable to the BBT of women in their follicular phase."An iButton ds1922L Bluetooth Reader for LadyCycle".

Very rarely, the corpus luteum may form a cyst.
Also, 18 consecutive days of elevated temperatures means a woman is almost certainly pregnant.
"The reliability of temperature records as a method of contraception (Über die Zuverlässigkeit der Temperaturmethode zur Empfängnisverhütung.
"sleeping in" on day 25).Baker, Fiona.; Waner, Jonathan.; Vieira, raccourci clavier excel 2007 coller valeur Elizabeth.; Taylor, Sheila.; Driver, Helen.; Mitchell, Duncan.The higher levels of progesterone released by the corpus luteum after ovulation raise BBTs.This will lead to a somewhat higher value than the true BBT (see Fig.3 Menstrual cycle Charting of basal body temperatures is used in some methods of fertility awareness, and may be used to determine the onset of post-ovulatory infertility.