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Black hole weaponry 5.56 barrel review

black hole weaponry 5.56 barrel review

Revolution bolt head on the left, repr on the right.
If you like to watch gun porn of the snuff variety, New Frontier has some brutal testing videos on its website.
Potential buyers should note: The Revolution did not come with any iron sights. As long as I kept the bipod loaded, there was no hop, and I was able to require sight picture rapidly.The selector lever has a smooth and positive feel, and it call of duty 4 modern warfare multiplayer patch would only be better if it were ambidextrous. The Revolution does use an oversize heat sink barrel nut that does cover the chamber and throat, aiding in ameliorating excess heat buildup.Conclusion: The Good, the magazine well is slightly more flared than that of most forged AR lowers.The body of the receiver is made from an extremely rigid glass-filled plastic.The second cool thing about the LW-15 is that its incredibly light.Vote during the Primaries - 2012.Even after shipping, taxes and FFL fees, it will still set you back less than 150.Accuracy results, 5 shot groups fired from a bench with bipod and rear bag, groups measured center-center with a micrometer: Black Hills 175gr bthp: 2, black HIlls 168gr bthp:.2, winchester 147gr FMJ:.

The exterior looks mostly well-executed, but some bits look a little rough and others just look like crap.
Ergonomics *1/2 Dont let those rough edges fool you: its got a good trigger and smooth, positive controls.
The LW-15 receiver (right) has a tighter fit, and possibly better accuracy.
Time for the Revolution?
The most widely known may be the dpms GII series, but there are also offerings from higher quality manufacturers, one of the newer ones being from POF-USA: The Revolution.Only thousands of rounds will tell if this polymer lower will hold up as well as they do. Accuracy testing went well.Ultimate Seed Can - Heirloom Organics Survival Seed Review PakLite 9V LED Flashlight Review Foremost Tarp Company Tarp Review Just Water Backpack, Bottle, Water Bag Filter Reviews Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe Holster Review Glock Format Troy vtac Rail TRX Extreme Review Aero Precision COP Monolithic AR15. Most other loads were in the 1-2 range.