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Cisco 4500 power supply err-disabled

cisco 4500 power supply err-disabled

In a redundant chassis, two supervisor slots are treated as one.
L3 traffic stops flowing!
Analyze Power Budget SUP6-E# show power detail Power Summary Maximum (in Watts) Used Available System Power (12V) Inline Power (-50V) Backplane Power (3.3V) Inline power available!
Create and execute action plan Port security dhcp snooping IP source guard DAI Si Si dhcp server Access L2 Distribution and Core Access L2 Observe results.
Sup6E-4503E# show ip dhcp snooping binding interface g2/1 MacAddress IpAddress Lease(sec) Type vlan Interface :91:00:00:00: dhcp-snooping 10 Gi2/1 Total number of bindings:.Sniff peer device to determine if it is sending undersize frames.Show module after peer reload Sup6E-4503E# show module 94 95 Misc.14 15 Troubleshooting Interface/Link Issues Physical Layer Errors Catalyst-4506# show interfaces g5/5 count errors exclude Port CrcAlign-Err Dropped-Bad-Pkts Collisions Symbol-Err Gi5/ Port Undersize Oversize Fragments Jabbers Port Single-Col Multi-Col Late-Col Excess-Col Port Deferred-Col False-Car Carri-Sen Sequence-Err See Appendix for Error descriptions.If one or more devices trigger a change greater than what is listed in show power inline, those devices may grow plus system pdf be faulty.PwrOver Module is consuming more than 50 W above administratively allocated inline power Determine if connected devices are receiving the right amount of inline power according to show power inline.1-20 A value between 1-20 Sup7-E(config exception dump device?SUP6-E# show interfaces g2/47 counters detail begin Drops Port Tx-Drops-Queue-5 Tx-Drops-Queue-6 Tx-Drops-Queue-7 Tx-Drops-Queue-8 Gi2/ Queue 8 is the default queue with no QoS Configured SUP6-E# show interfaces g2/47 counters detail begin Drops Port Tx-Drops-Queue-5 Tx-Drops-Queue-6 Tx-Drops-Queue-7 Tx-Drops-Queue-8 Gi2/ Is the port s peer sending pause.Bad phone/port/linecard/power supply Create and execute action plan Use debug to check PoE negotiation Change connections to isolate issue Observe results Call Manager Si Distribution and Core Si 4k Host 1 Host n 21 22 Troubleshooting Power over Ethernet Sanity Check.

Route updates Supervisor Switchover!
CPU could be dropping dhcp packets 167 Verify IP Source Guard Configuration Is the Configuration Correct?
Catalyst 4510R NSF-aware switch Catalyst 4510R NSF-aware switch Catalyst 4510R NSF-capable switch L3 traffic flowing L3 traffic flowing L3 traffic flowing Route processor (RP) switchover Supervisor switchover Supervisor switchover Switch retains adjacency table Router clears adjacency table Router retains adjacency table Switch forwards routing updates.
Determine link down duration and current status.
Should be configured on all the L3 interfaces of the switch.Dynamic ARP Inspection 160 161 Verify Port Security Configuration Is the Configuration Correct?Free Reserve queue memory will be used check show platform software qm inc Chunk When Free Reserve memory is exhausted: Failed to allocate the needed queue entries for Gi6/13 Solution decrease queue depths on a per port basis, combine classes under the same queue.Reason : Wireshark session ended Sup7-E#show proc cpu inc dumpcap Sup7-E# 83 84 Wireshark Concepts Key Thinking about the Capture Point(s) in detail Capture point: describes the following Attachment point: describes to which traffic point and direction the wireshark feature is attached to (e.g.,.Connecting hubs, concentrators, switches, bridges, etc.No valid license found Next reboot license Level: entservices 55 56 Troubleshooting License Installation License Operational After Reboot Save configuration and reload Sup7e# show license all License Store: Primary License Storage StoreIndex: 2 Feature: entservices Version:.0 License Type: Permanent visual studio 8 for windows 7 License State: Active, In Use.Check for queue drops Check if the bytes count increments to make sure the traffic hits the class Policing Action Notes: Input classification displays the statistics using the packet counts, Queuing and Policing display the statistics using bytes, classmap stats are shared across interfaces with.Integrated in Supervisor V-10GE, Sup7-E, 7L-E 6 7 Agenda Products Overview Basic Troubleshooting Method Troubleshooting Interface/Link High CPU IOS-XE Crashes IOS-XE Licenses QoS Flexible NetFlow Wireshark Misc.Supervisors II-Plus and II-Plus-10GE can be configured with 256 or 512.Tips: When PoE is enabled on a port, auto mdix is disabled.