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Convert units of measure year 6

convert units of measure year 6

Lazell scaled Measurements (Caroline McCabe) cm and m (M Jacobs).
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Everyday school and home events provide a good supply of contexts for conversion of units.PDF, measuring with a tape measure (Teresa Charles).Measuring with a ruler (Adrian Chorlton).Appropriate Units of Length (Juana Craig).It's just a simple worksheet that gives pupils practice on converting between units of length.Activity 2: Converting between different attributes gives tasks which require the use of one measurement attribute to solve a problem involving a different attribute.DOC, length Conversion (WWtbaM) (Angela Mance measuring using cms (Vicky Frampton).(Melissa Phyall) DOC Measuring Weight (Charlotte Harvey) DOC Weight WWtbaM (Chris Williams) Weight Estimation (Louise Macdonald) DOC Journey to Mars (Mass) (Norma Tregoning) DOC Reading Scales (Nick Ash) Mass Problems (Howard Seymour) Mass Problems 2 (Howard Seymour) Reading Scales (Nick Ash) DOC Measuring Mass (g/kg).These tasks use the properties of the metric system to convert between volume, mass and capacity.The mixed examples below indicate the issues involved - teachers will make their own set of examples concentrating on certain units etc.

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Conversions involving whole numbers will be easier than conversions requiring decimal numbers.
There are several ways in which students might approach this task.
From Term 1 2017, Victorian government and Catholic schools will use the new Victorian Curriculum F-10.
Mm to m, then m.For more information: Comparing decimal numbers (Level 5) addresses these misconceptions about decimals.Shortest to Tallest (Faheema Seedat dOC, short or Tall?Indicator of progress, students can convert within the metric measurement units for length, area, capacity, mass and time, and between units of mass, capacity and volume.Hosted by: Our Other Sites: Length / Distance: Measuring Centimeters with a Ruler (Roy Finney).You are offered 1 kg of 1 coins, or 1 square metre covered in 20c pieces.