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Crysis 3 patch update 1.3

crysis 3 patch update 1.3

Downloads 5482 Downloads, fixes timothy gallwey inner game Updates.3: - PunkBuster(TM) support has been added.
Disclaimer, any changes you make are at your own risk.
This should rarely be necessary, but might be useful for users who have multiple graphics cards with monitors connected to each, where Crysis 3's auto-detection fails.Continue reading, aMD just released a new beta driver.The new Catalyst.2 beta 7 includes fixes for an intermittent hang when CrossFire is used in Crysis 3 after its first patch.Enable windowed no-border mode.With these you can turn on or off features, and tweak settings more precisely to squeeze out better performance.Added a Quake III-style graph of the connection quality for network clients.Update 3: 5th April, new version.4.1 attached, updated to include new cvars available in.3 patch.

Xxx ) at 14:49:59 OK Posted by lizard82 (
When enabling or disabling PunkBuster(TM) on a server, the game must be restarted before the change takes effect.
CVars can go in two files: g and.
For some variables this is the only way to set them, as they are never used after the engine is starting.
The zip file contains a tool I've written to show all the options in (hopefully!) an easy to understand way, and lets you simply check a box.g.EAX(R) advanced HD(TM) support in the sound engine contributed by Creative Labs(R).You can change these files either in-game via the console, or in a 'g' file in your Crysis 3 game directory.Name, patch.3, author id Software, submitted / Updated /, category_Name.Crysis Demo, or if you already have the full version of the game, look under the Sandbox2 directory on the install DVD.To download the.7 MB patch, just open your Origin client and the update should.Update 1: 31st January.The cvar help document tells you which file is best to put each broderbund printmaster platinum 18.1 cvar.New version.2 attached - fixed to use g where necessary for some tweaks, and fixed issue with non-english language setups.