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Fox guide to pike fishing

fox guide to pike fishing

Match the sinker weight to the speed of the drift and the depth, starting with a single light split shot and adding until you hit bottomor fish.
As waters warm up, go to a crank baitor a soft-plastic swimbait that runs in the 10-foot range.
Tie on a large (4- to 6-inch)Jitterbug, Heddon's Crazy Crawler or Dying Flutter, Storm Chug Bug, SmithwickDevil's Horse, Sputterbuzz, or Zara Spook.Position the float so that it holds the bait, hooked lightly through the back, a foot or two above the weeds.When you get a bite, drop the rod tip, open the bail, give a 10 count, reel in slack, and set the hook.In short, spring pike fishing is as good as it gets.Their primeval morphology has changed little in 60 million years.So, dont waste all of your effort pitching second-rate lures.Use your bass tackle: 6- to 10-pound-test spinning gear, light or medium baitcasting outfits in 12- to 14-pound-test, or a 7-weight fly rod.To catch the latter, 5- to 10-pound northerns, you have to convince windows explorer 7 update a nervous 30-incher that the plug sputtering across the surface really is a wounded perch.You've got plenty to choose from here: the Rapala Original or Shad Rap, Rebel Minnow, Rattlin' Rogue,.C.Nearly all states in the northern tier of the country have pike lakes.This edge is the spot to try ajig and worm, or perhaps to flutter-retrieve a spoon.

Spoon, start by steadily and slowly reeling, just fast enough to keep the spoon wobbling.
These are best fished with a jig in full, 2-to 3-foot hops.
The wilderness waters in the Canadian provinces have the least fishing pressureand the biggest pike.
Ice-out pike gravitate to secondary coves, areas that warm before the main fact, pike might have spawned in the marshy shallows or flooded timber at the edges of such spots.Leave THE 4X AT home, pike will bite through regular monofilament, so you always need to use a heavy leader of some sort.Find the 6- to 10-foot break.Freshwater Hall of Fame Angler, dale Stroschein began guiding the waters of Door County and founded Wacky Walleye Guide Service in April of 1985.Mouths rar repair tool full version 2012 of swampy inlets make good starting points, but you'll probably catch more pike in the flats just offshore.