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Glee season 4 episode 13

glee season 4 episode 13

Rachel drops out of nyada to focus on her Broadway career.
Sam is certain with his recent SAT score that he won't graduate from McKinley and decides to take care of his body instead.
The series focuses on a high school Glee Club called the.
Marley struggling with self-image issues.At McKinley, Artie attempts to help Becky take a chance at college against Sue's decision to keep her at McKinley and Jake 's attitude after Marley dumped him worsens, with Ryder deciding to interfere.Absent: Matthew Morrison, Mark Salling, Harry Shum.However, there isn't anything supporting the Arts and Theatre and Will assigns the Glee Club with Billy Joel music, a person who struggled as an artist but managed to pursue his dreams and become a well-known star.To have a Regionals competition.Sam's work as a model and quitting his modeling career to go back to Lima.Brittany and Santana get back together.Back in New York, Santana gets too comfortable in the Bushwick apartment for Kurt and Rachel 's liking.Artie, however, suggests that he assists with directing the school musical, Grease, as, after all, it was his idea to do the production.Singles: " Get Back " (Kurt and Rachel " Something " (Sam " Here Comes the Sun " (Dani and Santana " Sgt.

Brittany receiving a near perfect SAT score and subsequently graduating early and getting an early admission invitation from MIT.
As the girls attempt to ask boys out at the dance, the boys seem nervous, as well as the girls who are afraid of being rejected.
" Swan Song " December 6, 2012.43 Plot: After Marley 's onstage faint at Sectionals, the New Directions learn of their loss at the competition.Singles: " I Don't Know How to Love Him " (Tina " Baby Got Back " (Adam with The Apples advanced reinforced concrete design by pc varghese pdf " Tell Him " (Brittany and Marley with New Direction Girls " No Scrubs " (New Directions Boys except Jake " Locked Out of Heaven.As this feud finds its ways to be solved, Finn eventually chooses a path that will shape his future.There are less than two competition episodes in a season, with City of Angels being the only episode in which the Glee Club competes in all the season (in this case at Nationals).Rachel leaves Broadway to pursue a career in television." Movin' Out " November 21, 2013.09 Plot: Graduation is coming soon and Sue begins an annual Careers Fair for students to explore careers and dreams to pursue.Rachel 's Funny Girl audition and callbacks.