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Hibernate 3.0 in action pdf

hibernate 3.0 in action pdf

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We have two action methods here - execute and listStudents.
Hibernate API(Hibernate ).1.1 PDF.Br/ br/ a href" c:url value download/internal' / " Download This File (located inside project) /a br/ a href" c:url value download/external' / " Download This File (located outside project, on file system) /a /div /body /html Build, Deploy Run Application Now build the war.We also indicated that we would like to see the SQL in the log file by turning on "show_sql" to true.Maven 3, jDK.6, eclipse juno Service Release 2, project directory structure.At the bottom section, we go through the students list (see AddStudentAction.It takes in firstName, lastName and marks.For other content types, file will be download directly.You may completely remove above configuration and put the component scan logic in application context level (in Main ).Java : package com.Copy bytes from InputStream to OutputStream of response.The listStudent action method calls the listStudents on the AddStudentAction class and uses the student.Jsp view file with the following content: @ page contentType"text/html; charsetUTF-8" @ taglib prefix"s" uri struts-tags" html head title Hello World /title s:head / /head body s:form action"addStudent" s:textfield name"firstName" label"First Name s:textfield name"lastName" label"Last Name s:textfield name"marks" label"Marks s:submit/ hr/ table tr td First.

Step 8: Create Main to run as Java Application package com.
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The screen will refresh and show you an updated list every time you click Submit.
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