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Html code for font size 11

html code for font size 11

The result of this is that font face hardly ever works as you intended, so most of the time you might as well not bother.
A better way to use the size attribute is to put 1, 2, -1 or -2 instead of the number, like this font size1, which makes the text one size bigger, and again is turned off with /font.
Unlike other tags that we have looked at which use attributes, you have to use an attribute with font - on its own it doesn't do anything at all.With the glorious logic that so often afflicts computer systems, these numbers work exactly the opposite way round to the numbers used in creating headings ( H1, H2 and so on that is, size one is teeny and size seven is huge.This gives you a much greater range of possible en kanimalare song from monkey pen colours, but is not easy to use unless you are comfortable with hexadecimal numbers.Changing color of links a href"URL here" style"color HEX here target blank" link text here /a If you use the visual editor, you must write the link text first, highlight it, change its color via the Color button, then turn it into a link via.Come to think of it, the same applies to changes of size, too.Html for Absolute Beginners, by Jon Storm.Changing size span style"font-size:percentage here text here /span You may need to correct line-spacing, in which case you add this before the closing" (the number is just an example line-height:1.4em; Changing the font size is best used for individual effects, not for altering the.The third font attribute is face, where you change the typeface (often called a font, which is where the tag gets its name) in which the browser displays text.If it finds one at all.One thing I haven't mentioned so far is setting a colour build your own electric motorcycle pdf for the background of your page.You can change the size of your text at any point by putting in a tag like this : font size n, where n is a number between 1 and.

If the visitor's system doesn't have a font called pretty much exactly that, the face attribute will be ignored, and unfortunately everyone has wildly different fonts installed on their systems.
If the typeface you specified isn't available, the face part is ignored, but the colour and size change will still work.
Note 2: In all the following cases, span is for characters, words or phrases inside a paragraph; for a complete paragraph, you write p instead of span; for sections comprising more than one paragraph, including complete posts, you write div.The attribute is bgcolor, and it uses exactly the same colour code system as font color.Whether you change the text colour, the background colour or both, make sure you pick a combination that is visible!One of your most powerful weapons for jazzing up your text is the font tag and its size, color and face attributes.Also tried playing around with using the font tag trying things like font size1. .I like big writing, it's easier to read, especially if there is a lot.Font-family: Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande, sans-serif;.This can sometimes be very useful if you want to change the colour and size of some text independently.All colours on a screen are made up of a mixture of red, blue and green : the first two digits are the amount of red, the next two the amount of green, and the last two the amount of blue.There are several other attributes you can use with the body tag, mainly to set what links look like : we will go into that later on, in the section on links.