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Kadal pura part 2 pdf

kadal pura part 2 pdf

Navanturai(YapanayaJaffna) navandara see Jaffna map1 Navathampirumkerni (Japanaya Jaffna) navagampurakaenna Postal code: BCS30018 The names means the digout (or quarry) for the 'new village in Sinhala.
The most likely possibility is that "muha" is a typonym from the Sinhala "maha".
According to historical recodes, Cholas landed in 'Salawattota' in 1190.D.
The park is 425.This is near Ariyamauva and Naedunkurana."Padappa" in Tamil may also mean a "vaththa (sinhala.e., a garden or region demarcated by a fence or barrier.Note that Aththana is a hallucinogenic plant with many variant forms (kalu-attana, suduattana etc).Kulakkottan padai was a militant armed organization that came about in 2000 under the aegies of the ltte.Emerson Tennent remarks in his book on Ceylon (1859) "One of the most remarkable animals on the coast is the plant eating dugong, numbers of which are attracted to the inlets, from the bay of Calpentyn (Kalpitiya) to Adam's Bridge, by the still water and.Ltte base near Panvaeva(Pankulam Gokanna(Trinco).Kantarodai is mentioned among these places.The Sal tree, Bot., shorea robusta is a timber tree with fragrant flowers and 'canon-ball' like fruits.110.C, while in 1150.D.One can always find exceptions to any 'rule' of the toponymist.For an account (that takes legend on par with historical fact see the article nagadipa What Ptolemy understood but we do not.

Madduvil can be accessed via the water way extending south-west towards the Jaffna lagoon and connecting with it at Navthakuliya.
This is an eastern entry point to the Yala sanctuary, and a seasonal hamlet for fishermen.
We note the existence of "Rajagala" a student's introduction to english grammar pdf and "Samangala other old Buddhist sites like Ilukpitiya, in the Ampara area."kuliya" in Sinhala is a settlement or village, and occurs both at the end place names, and at the beginning, as in Kluiya-pitiya.The word 'kandal' may also be a tamilization of 'gandara that is, the watery edge or swamp, where gan(ga) river and 'dara' is related to 'addara.e., neighborhood.This location, only 6km north of Anuradhapura, may have been an old park or sanctuary.Associating Chetty merchants with various cities is quite common.This was an ancient sea port during Anuradhapura-Pollonnaruwa era.However, many of the suicde cadre were Catholics, and the Tamil population had been chritianized to a larger extent than the Sinhalese in the south.Large-scale diggingalways brings out toxic metals (e.g., arsenic, cadmium, lead etc.) found in geological deposits.It is extended to Dambakolathota (Kankasanthurai) in 2013, completing 160 km of track from Vannimava (Vavniya).Michael Roberts, reviewing the period, claims that there is no evidence for for a 'racial land grab' in the colonization policies of that period.