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Limca book of records 2012

limca book of records 2012

Participants willing to undertake an Attempt under this chapter must ensure compliance with the specific guidelines provided.
However no miniature paintings in any medium will be considered.
Last date for new entries: June 30, 2017; Sports: Oct 15, 2017: Nature and The Armed Forces: Sept 30, 2017.For specific requirements in the procedure for Attempt please refer to section III of these Terms.Age Group III Above 18 years.Such certificates shall be sent after the particular edition for which the Attempt has been considered is printed or released.Sudhakar of Swathi Soft Solutions, who documented and helped stream the event.Adventure, adventure, agriculture, agriculture, business, business, cinema and Theatre.The Participant shall bear sole responsibility for taking all such safety precautions and acknowledge that ccipl, the LBR Team and/or their respective directors, officers, appointed representatives or agents shall not, in any manner whatsoever, be responsible for making any safety arrangements for the Attempt.Any entry made after such a date may be considered for a subsequent edition of LBR.Communications, communications, dance, dance, development, development, education, education, government, government, literature.Such decisions are the sole prerogative of the Editor in the larger continuing interest of the book.Most comprehensive state website, bihar became the first state in India to have separate web page for every city and village in the state on its website m (m).BrandBihar (now BrandBharat).com in Limca Book of Records 2012.

The record holders are not entitled to any prize money, gift/s or free copies of LBR.
Government This chapter contains information and records.
Publicity The Participants undertake and irrevocably and unconditionally permit ccipl and LBR to cover any Attempt through various media including newspapers, radio, television eras book demi font including news and other channels, internet, etc., and shall not raise any objection, protest or demur whatsoever to such coverage.
Attempts that are detrimental to the health of such persons, or that are potentially dangerous, or that are in violation of any law in force, will not be accepted for entry in LBR.Such authentication must be on the basis of personal verification of every detail of the claim.LBR reserves the right to publish or delete any chapter, section, category or record in the present or any future edition of LBR, without any notice to the Participants.In such cases corrections/ updates will be carried out in the next edition or as deemed fit by the LBR Team.The acceptance of any application for entry in LBR shall be conditional on the signing and adherence to the Disclaimer Form, the Terms and any other specific rules and guidelines established by LBR in relation to a particular category of Attempt.LBR shall not be liable for any harm caused to the public or the environment in the course of the Attempt, and LBR shall not be responsible for any non-compliance with any applicable local, state or national laws, rules and regulations insofar as they relate.Limca Book of Records (the LBR) is a catalogue of achievements made by Indians, at home and abroad, in diverse fields of human endeavour.Consent from a parent or legal guardian must be submitted, after such parent or legal guardian has read the Terms as provided and consented to the same.