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Oricon, weekly Album Charts, remaining on the charts for only one week.
In addition, dozens of character fan art inspired by the music video began to emerge on illustrator communities on the Japanese web and overseas, such as pixiv, Tumblr and, deviantART, as well as several booru-style imageboards like.
I want you to realize that they are just pieces of a broken mirror.
What will you do for a living?Youre not here, lights have disappeared.I am your hatred and your sadness.Im not going anywhere!Spread, following its release, the music video was instantly met with high acclaims from the viewers and critics alike, many of whom cited its high quality animation and catchy-sounding composition, as well as its suggestive themes intended for mature audience and the enigmatic premise.How nice, how ni-ni-nice.Music by: m, lyrics : Always, Always, We were together at all times.Tags anime, music video, me!Nsfw: This Music Video Contains Mature Content.Was released on the official website of Japan Animator Expo, a weekly web series launched and curated in collaboration between the.What will you do with your life?Notable sources: m/post/ m/watch?

Please remember, please remind yourself, I was more sad than you thought.
Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Annos Studio Khara and the Japanese media company Dwango in late October 2014 as an outlet to showcase various works by up-and-coming artists, followed by the release of the full-length music video on November 21st.
ME!ME was reported on by several English-language anime news sites and other forums, including AnimeNewsNetwork and NeoGAF.
Extreme dissatisfaction, your real life was covered with distress.(Album Mix 3:45 "Walking After You" (Acoustic limited edition DVD edit " Nowhere " (Music game ps 3 for pc Video) "Hummingbird" (Music Video) "Hello!" (Music Video) "Closer" (Music Video) "Maboroshi" (Music Video) Inoue Joe Artist Documentary Joe TV with Music Videos References edit External links edit Retrieved from ".Look at the sky!The show that tries to make sense of!If only I could just erase it all.False Memories, Narrow Mind Will change Slowly tell me a life lession from the fruit of your idecisive mind.According to the official description, the music video illustrates the story of a young man being attacked and ravished by many girls.It also soon reached 4chan s /a/ (anime) board, where numerous discussions took place at length, with many threads eventually reaching the limit of 500 posts per thread.Joe Inoue, originally released as a standard release and a limited edition release containing a DVD of music videos on April 8, 2009.And it's actually quite deep meaning!