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Minecraft enchant all plugin

minecraft enchant all plugin

Health minmaxinfiniteget Sets the health of a player to pre-defined figures.
Help command_name, activates the help menu.
Spc Provides generic commands around SPC.Snapshots /restore snapshot Restore a particular snapshot.stack count direction Stacks the selection.Achievement listunlock Allows you to list or unlock all achievements alias name command args Allows you to assign an alias to one or more words ascend Moves you to the next platform above your position biome Tells you what biome you are currently in bind.This mod allows players to change different variables of the game without the need to input multiple different commands.walls block Build the walls of the region (not including ceiling and floor).Same as /p ralias name Removes the specified alias reach distancereset Sets the player reach distance.While some mods don't require the ModLoader to work, others.Below is a brief run through game asphalt sisx s60v3 of the command list?World load filename Loads the specified file, this allows you to play ANY save on your computer, not just World1-5, and can have any name world save Explicitly saves your game then returns to it world seed seed Allows you to see and change the.This custom aritifical intelligence is not something any other plugin utilizes and is the next level of plugin developement.

Left click with this tool to select position 1 and right click to selection position.
fixwater radius Level nearby pools of water(within one block).
Global Command /limit limit Set a maximum number of blocks to change at most for all operations.As of this causes the game to freeze.Macro file parameters Allows multiple Commands to be run.worldedit tz Set your timezone.Pos Gives current player position.Kill Kills the current player killall entitytype Kills all of the specified entity type, this will destroy ALL entities (paintings, minecarts, etc) unless specified otherwise.redo number of steps Redo your last (undo) action.Help command_name, activates the help message.