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Mw3 multiplayer fov changer

mw3 multiplayer fov changer

This is a small map.
Radimax- Clippings Jellyfish fields, harry- Perks, shield, tons of help.
Whats new.1: Zombies no longer get stuck in between taxi signs.
BluntStuffy Zombie and player teleporters, made the whole alternate areas possible.
BWC somthing he was pretty involved at some point.Ill possibly be balancing this if it is too difficult for some, but its a nice challenge required to progress in the map.Jellyfish Fields, concert Area, goofy Goobers, krusty Krab.Grenades no longer fall through the floor at Alternate areas.

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Tom- Tools, natesmithzombie- Bo2 Weapons, robert *forgets ZM name but knows skype name* Logo of loading screen.
Spongebobs House, squidwards House, sandys Treedome, this map includes some intense parkour, but nothing is too difficult where you cant complete.
Small side note, i love watching peoples videos so if you make a video post it in the comments.Falling into the pit makes you go down, so be super careful!Thanks for taking a look, if you have any suggestions or guitar center used power amps find any bugs report them to me via PM, ill be doing.1 overhaul in about 3 or 4 weeks fixing everything i can find and or whatever people report.New area in Jellyfish fields, expanded area roughly.Map Created By: Vendetta Source: Includes: Perks-a-cola (No juggernaut).