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Peugeot 107 1.0 active review

peugeot 107 1.0 active review

We have small cars forbids our own ego!
And it seems to be easier, choosing a reasonable sufficiency instead of frills, as in Europe, to think a head.
I even managed to make friends with imperfect "robot the game beach party craze gas discharge at the time of transmission of the change and the delay is gone."We need to be cooler, more mature and more serious" so it says.Having spent once on the way home half the time, I suddenly realized that the kid is not easy jet!Patting doors, after sitting inside and looking in the trunk, they, as if by agreement, issued a sincere and yet more is needed.So what's the problem?Suspension smooths out the bad road ulcer and moderate appetite lets forget about the visits to the gas station.However, this is a complete car, because it has air conditioning, four airbags and a pair of rear "wickets".Wheels, engine, steering wheel, pedals in the "seven hundred" there is nothing superfluous.Lacking any advantage in the speed or power, it nevertheless somehow able to reduce the distance.

Interest in "Pyzhik" and showed two of my friends.
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At the same place inside the "fawn" enough even to those who wears a size XXL and from above.Because this machine is able to manage even a child.To what an easy ride in this compact car through the crowded city streets!Liter motor, pulled by a robotic gearbox, the 900-kilogram "hundred seventh" is enough to shoot first with a traffic light.I know that in the CIS countries in this position I'm in the minority.