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Photoshop font layer styles

photoshop font layer styles

Now select the higher shape layer - this is where the magic happens!
Resolution: 640480 px, size: 902 KB, format: PSD.
Double click the color swatch on the shape layer and fill it with embarcadero delphi xe3 serial number yellow as shown below.
Create a gradient with gray blending into white as shown below.
Photoshop Tutorial, glassy Button or Enamel Badge, photoshop Video Tutorial, photoshop Tutorial, glassy Button or Enamel Badge, use shape layers to create the basic shape.Resources More Information Did you find this website useful?Now select all, and (with the Move Tool selected) in the options palette click the Align Horizontal Centers and Align Vertical Centers buttons to center the shape within the canvas.Color: white, this will create a thin white line where the 'enamel' meets the metal back plate.

Chisel Hard, uses a distance measurement technique and is primarily useful on hard-edged mattes from anti-aliased shapes such as type.
Select Bevel and Emboss with these settings: Style: Inner Bevel Depth 60 Direction: Up Size: 20 pixels Soften: 10 pixels Photoshop Tutorial Glassy Button or Enamel Badge Bring in the reflection!
The graphic shown below contains just two flat shape layers - all the effects (including the text on the badge) have been applied using Layer Styles.
First we're going to create a shape layer with the Rounded Rectangle Tool.
We're going to create a new metallic gradient, so once the Gradient Editor is open, add three points below the black and white gradient bar and make all the points alternating shades of white and gray.It does not preserve detailed features at larger sizes.If you like it download PSD file and apply the styles to your text, quick and easy.At larger sizes, Softer does not preserve detailed features.Chisel Soft, uses a modified distance measurement technique and, although not as accurate as Chisel Hard, is more useful on a larger range of mattes.Layer styles are incredibly versatile, as this tutorial will hopefully demonstrate!Give it the following settings (if any settings are not mentioned here, it means that they should be left at their default values Size: 2, position: Outside, blend Mode: Screen, opacity:.