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Roadies x final episode

roadies x final episode

For the boron and boulpaep medical physiology pdf task, contestant from each team are required to obtain as valuable commodities as possible from the money given.
Thanks to you too and I wish you good luck.
Palak wins this vote out.
For now, I am ending this with a video of Silsila that I wished never came to end: Relive entire Roadies-X journey with its.
This episode of the Roadies X Journey was packed with excitement, drama, battles and determination!Ranvijay decides to nominate two players from his team by a game known as chess boxing: 4 finalists will be divided into the team of two.Results : Round Opponents Winner 1 Swati - Roop Swati 2 Swati - Roop Swati 3 Swati - Roopali Swati 4 Swati - Roopali Swati 5 Swati - Palak Palak 6 Swati - Palak Palak 7 Sonal - Palak Palak 8 Sonal - Palak Palak.Raghu told them their overconfidence and lack of co-ordination was the main reason for the loss.Geetika from Rannvijay's team sat out of the challenge to balance competitors on both sides.

The final task between Palak and Raman is a time task to fetch a hammer at the bottom of a water tank without breathing and hit the gong above the water tank, they are also chained and the keys are at the bottom of the.
Raghu talk avg antivirus update 2012 now and then towards girls but him always make considering some advantage for girls in the task make it kind of hypocritical.
Top moments also Check out all the.
However, its was kind of half true, Rajiv said they wont be making this show together and he was not in making process.And I guess we have to live with. .The auditions started on October 31, 2012.According to the scroll selected by Palak prior to the vote-out the maximum vote getter shall become safe and will replace themselves with a member from their team to face the other in the elimination challenge.BTW the song was.Great-Escape Finale Task: The great escape finale task was simply awesome in all aspects.After surviving periodic cuts 8 roadies emerged to join the official list of contestants.Her grand price included a total cash price of 450,000, a Hero Impulse bike and an fibre reinforced concrete pdf HP laptop.