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Setup manager windows xp

setup manager windows xp

On this screen we naruto shippuden episode 321 subtitle indonesia can choose a text file which contains computer names, or we can choose to gta 5 money hack ps4 automatically generate computer names based on organization name.
Delete all other files expect, setupmgr.
Exe, to your hard disk.
In our case we will extract it to our Desktop.
Creating Answer File, create a new folder and rename it with deploys tools.We need to execute Setupmgr.If we want to create an unattended setup, we can create an unattend.Select Create A New Answer File and click Next.Window Setup Manager would create a unattended.The easiest way to create a f file for your environment is to use Microsoft's Setup Manager program.On the right we have to provide the information for the particular screen.When we first run it, the wizard will automatically run.We have to unpack it from the b file which is located in the supporttools folder.

On a Windows XP system, you can open the b file located in the SupportTools directory on the XP CD-ROM.
Select Windows Unattended Installation and click Next.
We can create a Unattend.
Select Typical apache air assault patch Settings and Click Next.
Simply right click it, and select the Extract option.After that we can also add files to that share to further customize our installation.In our case our CD-ROM is on the D: drive.After you enter your information, click Finish; Setup Manager creates the f file and prompts you for a location to save the file.In our case we will create a new file.Copy the Setup Manager executable file, setupmgr.Repeat this step to add additional computers to the installation and Click Next.Select No, This Answer File Will Be Used To Install From A CD, and click Next.