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Speaking exercises for advanced esl students

speaking exercises for advanced esl students

5 15,064 Pre-Int roberta vuaden Motivation, Feelings and Emotions, Role Playing Games, Mingling Activities Students will be able to focused space ivy league backpack review develop fluent communication strategies, improve speaking skills, discuss and expose their opinions about controversial issues. .
Class Debate, class debates are an ideal way to get your advanced students talking, especially because there are several opportunities for speaking practice in one activity.
Have them download a voice recorder app onto their phones, and allow students to interview one another.
The topics include: sports played with a ball.2 5,588 All BusyTeacher Contributor Getting-to-Know Each Other, Mingling Activities This is a list of questions and examples of answers that you can use as an icebreaker with your new students, it microsd to memory stick pro duo adapter for sony psp can be also helpful to teach new vocabulary and expressions!The downside is that this can be difficult to monitor, even if you have the right techniques.For the news show, you could conceivably do the activity in just three periodsone to write the show, one to film and one to edit the show.The aim of the game is to figure out who murdered the host of the party by asking questions and snooping for clues.

Film a News Show or Skit.
As always, the best way to correct speech like this is to first repeat or write the sentence the way you heard it, and then ask students to offer a correction.
9 13,643 ElemPre-IntInt Victoria Present Simple, Young Learners, Mingling Activities Students have to imaigne they are their favourite famous person and write about him/her.
Teach Food, Mingling Activities This worksheet is appropriate for intermediate students and upper levels. .Along the way, you'll become a valuable BusyTeacher.As students get used to the game, you can also allow audience members to raise their hands periodically and throw in something new, for example, a student, when called on, might say, Someone knocks on the door.For example, if youve been reading a novel with your advanced ESL students, you may ask them to reinterpret a scene from the novel.It is designed for intermediate and upper levels.The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and, the Guardian.These activities will let you achieve both objectives!A variant of this may be to allow students to take on a persona, real or imaginary, and answer the questions as this persona.