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The journey of flower 2015 ep 24

the journey of flower 2015 ep 24

He hands Tan Fan the piece of paper that Qian Gu discovered last episode because Tan Fan has photographic memory and is from Mount Fan Jing which carries all the secret books of all martial arts practices.
Have you guys thought why Zi Hua keeps Qian Gu by his side?
Upon arrival, Qian Gu sees three Tan Fans walking around and doing different chores, she thinks they are tripletsthis girl, is she so new to the world that such duplicate power amazes her?
Out in the forest, Qian Gu sits at the other end of the sword.You are your teachers fated calamity!Hua Qian Gu, you truly love him?He wipes away her tears, for her, hes willing to fork out any price.She barks for him to leave and Tan Fan attacks Pavilion Master with a few swipes but Dong Hua deflects all moves easily.Meanwhile, Tan Fan interrupts Zi Xuns path, stopping her from another attempt at Qian Gus life.They were supposed to be killed but he took pity and let them stay here as maids.Taking the piece of paper, Tan Fan gazes at it with interest but doesnt provide anything useful.She asks about the books hes looking for the Four Desolate Sacred Books, passed down from the ancestors of Lotus City, said to include technique of increasing ones power within a short period.Zi Hua doesnt disagree and hence he must solve the murders quick and exonerate her from the crimes she didnt commit.The four remaining immortal friends watch as he leaves this earth.

Wu Gou then steps closer to Qian.
Your existence is wrong!
Before he hits her, Shuo Feng steps in to take the punishment.
Dong Hua steps up to protest but Pavilion Master motions out his arm.
Why is someone as sane and calm as Shuo Feng babysitting Man Tian?They are caught by her uncle and then her father.She blames everything on Hua Qian Gu and disappears.Moreover, he doesnt want to see Zi Hua ever again.Oh boy, we have a creeper in the house.Slowly succumbing to the scent, Shifus dream betrays all his pretenses.Qian Gu calls out her lies, Shifu is not just anyone, he wouldnt be captured so easily!She parallels desktop for ipad asks why he has to kill Mei Er and Wu Gou barks that she caused Yun Yas death.Tan Fan takes them out to eat the purest food possible white tofu soup with white rice.He begs her to stop interfering with this fated calamity bullcrap and let nature take it course, but she doesnt care.