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The only way is essex season 5 episode 5

the only way is essex season 5 episode 5

There was not much end stacking and some bold sailors got off spectacular port tack starts.
When possible I will continue giving longer reaches.
Special awards will be presented as well as extra soup.We wanted to adjust the leeward mark but the spacing of races just wouldn't allow.I'd be willing to have a gathering at my house or we could meet out somewhere.All club contact details can also be found on the League App.Not really, but we might as well have done that.About 1330 an easterly was trying to beat the northerly and at about 1350 the predicted south easterly filled.The river was like a mirror with no ripples to be seen.Essex is a beautiful town with a rich nautical history.Spring Series a Go!Lastly, watch out for powerboats, a sailboat does NOT have right of way over a power boat when they are in the channel.Big kudos to the sailors for putting up with mother nature and making the best of an extremely challenging day.

A mass will be held on at St Marys Catholic Church in Clinton on Feb 20th at TBD.
Essex Yacht Club has graciously offered 2 Saturdays in April and May 3rd to help us get more sailing!
As with last season you will receive notification from.A Full Time details of your Match Officials for every fixture.
It was even more evident this morning when I saw all the debris going downriver, oh boy!420 Fleet to Race -3/28/2014 Spread the word, the 420 Fleet has enough boats for a start!Remember we start racing at 1130 with a quick skippers meeting at 1100.The "I" flag and some good communication from both ends of the starting line held all back and we got them off within the 1500 start limit.Once you have loaded your Result Sheet it is recommended that you go back into the system to make serial number windows7 ultimate sp1 sure the information has saved correctly.I'm sure there are others I've forgotten.The strong incoming current made it impossible to go downwind against the current and the four classes expired the time limit.Please note the start times below: saturday: 12pm start, daily awards at ecyc - Earlier start with earlier finish.The Laser class had two general recalls, but that ended when we lengthened the starting line.The water was warm but the air had enough bite to send at least one wet Laser sailor in to the shower.