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Tinymce 2.0 editor joomla

tinymce 2.0 editor joomla

Xml is for review only for us, becouse any change do not bring result.
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To decide your problem We need some info from this theory is simply, but if You want use some editor plugin (exmpl.: pagebreak, readmore - buttons) - better solution is:.
gecko_spellcheck : "true editor_selector : "mce_editable document_base_url.Stack Overflow x Dismiss, i've download a plugin for tinymce editor for Joomla.We have used his on our site and it works like a charm.You must find in Joomla files: plugins- editors- sonar x1 serial keygen p and tinymce.Installing MCFileManager is pretty easy if you have some basic programming/configuration skills.Change/add the lid_types regexp option in filemanager/p if you need other groups than Super Administator and Administrator to have access.'gi return vhtml; /script.and your own modification.Up vote 2 down vote accepted, the instructions are poorly written in the site you provided therefore I'm not too sure where you have to inset that code in your question.I had similar problem, and i found this solution:." function TinyMCE_Save(editor_id, content, node) base_url ttings'document_base_url var vhtml content; if (true true) vhtml gexpReplace(vhtml, 'hrefs*s?'base_url 'href 'gi vhtml gexpReplace(vhtml, 'srcs*s?'base_url 'src 'gi vhtml gexpReplace(vhtml, 'mce_real_srcs*s?

I would personally use the, code Highlighter.
theme_advanced_buttons1 : theme_advanced_buttons2 : theme_advanced_buttons3 : : "top theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "left : "bottom :.html_height.
Add insertfile to advanced options "Custom button".Sign up using Email and Password.'gi vhtml gexpReplace(vhtml, 'mce_real_hrefs*s?Login to the Joomla Administration and open Extensions - Plugin Manager - Editor - TinyMCE.0.In p middle line 284 - record of Tinymce configuration is started (of corse in javascript).Joomla.5.14 Joomla CMS System.Modify code in p like this: Code: Select all return load.I've pasted all files inside the plugin folder of tinymce under Joomla.remove_script_host : false, save_callback : "TinyMCE_Save invalid_elements :.invalid_elements.script language"javascript" type"text/javascript" it( mode : "textareas theme : "advanced : "top auto_resize:false, extended_valid_elements: "textareanameclasscolsrows remove_linebreaks : false, width:720, plugins : 'preview, codehighlighting theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "right theme_advanced_buttons1_add : " theme_advanced_buttons2_add : : "tablecontrols, codehighlighting" /script where do I need to paste that code?