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Uta no prince-sama maji love 2000 episode 1

uta no prince-sama maji love 2000 episode 1

Satsuki attempts to kiss Haruka once more, but is stopped by Syo, Otoya, and Tokiya's arrival.
The next day, when that scene is over and done with, Hyuga apologizes to Syo for not appreciating a fan, and comments that he is already a 'real man'.
Who will win the decisive concert and the honor of performing at the Triple S?) (Episode 5) Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu / Composition Arrangement: Junpei Fujita / Voice: Hiro Shimono Seitenohayahho (ohayahho, Seitenohayahho ) (Episode 6) Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu / Composition Arrangement: Kikuta Daisuke / Voice: Mamoru Miyano Shout Out from Orion (shout OUT, Orion de shout OUT ) (Episode.On the day of the bazaar no customers show.He explains to her that his clan once lived here and that he is her protector.Satsuki voices his dislikeness for Haruka, claiming that she is only pretending to be kind to Natsuki and that he will protect Natsuki from getting hurt.11 "Future, Dreams, Thank You.

Although the tasks are difficult, Haruka does not give up determined to see a side to Camus in which he can do something earnestly seeing as he always does everything perfectly but without being earnest.
9 "We are strish" May 30, 2013 Everyone is shocked to hear that Cecil has gone back to Agnapolis.
Strish makes their debut with Maji Love 1000" (Serious Love 1000 the first song that Haruka composed for them and the song that brought them all together.
13 "Serious Love 2000" "Maji Love 2000" (love2000) June 27, 2013 After blowing everyone away way with their performance, hevens announces that the competition is pointless, thinking they're going to win.Having been exposed to a side of Otoya they'd never known before through his voice, as the members of strish search for clues that will lead them to Otoya, they arrive at the truth behind his personal history.During this time, the seniors all have different reactions to the progress their juniors have made in such a short time.06 "Shout Out from Orion" "Orion de shout OUT" (shout OUT) August 7, 2011 Haruka is going to Hayato's concert by herself, all of her friends were worried about her getting lost!And!" "Mirai, Yume, shite!" (.!) December 10, 2016 After reuniting in the sunflower field, strish successfully makes it to their live broadcast while becoming the talk of the town.Haruka's kindness will inspire them to make a new song, they first they're able to make together.Everyone thinks they are a perfect pair and look forward to their new song, but with them being the last to perform and everyone having high expectations, the pressure gets to them and they are unable to come up with any good lyrics.The thought of "Hayato" leaving his company was too much for the President that he had collapsed in Tokiya's apartment.