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Vehicle number plate font

vehicle number plate font

430 by 135 mm (16.9.3 inches) - in Indonesia.
Buyers must either obtain new plates or attach plates they already hold, as well as register their vehicles under the buyer's name and plate number.
For example, 51A-xxxx would be used for civilian vehicles, 80B-xxxx with blue background for central government vehicles, 80-NG-XXX-XX for diplomatic vehicles, TC-XX-XX for military vehicles and xxld-XXX.
"This Continental touch can land you in trouble The Straits Times, 22 February 2008 "EUR-Lex - 31998R2411 - EN".Domestic plates were issued by the DND after 1968.Black plates are issued to vehicles belong to diplomatic missions and foreigners (including Hong Kong and Macau ).Higher officials of RTA Telangana are preparing software to make the process very easy.The states then chose their own systems.Only plates which meet government standards and are sold by licensed dealers may be fitted.Prison inmates in some Canadian provinces make licence plates."NO67 FUN: dvla cracks down on offensive numberplates".The older series of number plates were black with white or silver lettering.

Few of these early plates survived.
South Korea edit Main article: Vehicle registration plates of South Korea South Korean vehicle registration plate In South Korea, 6 types of registration number plates (3 variations of size, both non-commercial and commercial) are issued currently.
This list excludes special issue or personalized ncsoft blade and soul beta plate designs.360 by 110 mm (14.2.3 inches) - in Italy (front plates and Oman.UK legislation can require a fine of up to 1000 per offense in the case of an illegally altered registration index mark.Retrieved "Oregon DMV Regular-Issue Licence Plates".Government vehicles all have the prefix "BX" - these number plates have a white reflective background with red lettering at the front and white on red at the rear.Rarely, the FE-Schrift font used in Germany can be seen though the use of this font is prohibited by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).Above 660 cc (40 cu in a white plate with green text is used.Police plates - blue background and white characters, with " RR " template.Minnesota introduced some licence plates during this period with three different years embossed into the plate, so that the plates were valid for three consecutive years (e.g., 1918, 1919, and 1920).